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We’re an independent coffee supplier for wholesale and home brewing, based in Henfield near Brighton. We provide exceptional, freshly roasted coffee, from all over the world. It’s that simple. And delicious.

We’re an ethical coffee supplier too, so drinking our brew is also a way to do a little bit of good in the world. What better way is there to start your day? 

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Team Favourites

Blue Mountain

Medium roast, rich and full flavoured withsubtle acidity, caramel sweetness throughout and notes of roasted almonds. 
Luke’s long standing favourite.



Heavily bodied with a great depth of flavour, floral notes and blackberry flavours developing into dark chocolate notes. Always in Richard’s cup of Joe!


La Crema Blend

Clean tasting, the citrus acidity complements a medium body.
A well-balanced blend. Macy’s go-to morning brew!



It couldn’t be easier to get your favourite
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Have a brew-tiful day

Have a brew-tiful day