A stylish coffee machine that is a great solution if space is limited. Despite its smaller size, this eye-catching compact machine can still cope with busy periods.

It boasts 2 group handles, allowing you to produce 4 shots of coffee at a time. There are two steam wands allowing a second barista to jump on the machine during busy periods.

The 5 litre boiler is substantial for coping with busy periods, as long as an additional hot water boiler is available for draining large volumes of water for tea.

The individual temperature control (ITC) feature injects cold water into each group head to prevent overheating, ensuring a stable temperature. This prevents coffee from burning and will ensure a smooth tasting espresso every time.

Colour: Side panels available in brown/white, silver, red, black, white.
Size Options: 2 Group Compact, 
Tall Cup (takeaway): 2 Group Compact, 
Cup Warmer: Yes
Steam Wands: 2
Steam Wand Handle: S9 lever / S8 rotary
Boiler: Double
Pre-infusion: Yes
Power: 20 amp dedicated supply
Dimensions(mm): 580 x 530 x 520