La Spaziale has revamped its original D8/S9 model, adding some more high spec features but giving it a fresh new look and we love it!

A modern look with a clear temperature display, beautiful side panels and a programmable hot water button. The LED display indicates the boiler temperature, so you easily know when the machine is hot enough to use.

It also has a new eco function allowing the barista to switch to an energy saving mode during quiet periods of the day, reducing power consumption by up to 15%.

This DSP model also has LEDs to illuminate the worktop.

The individual temperature control (ITC) feature injects cold water into each group head to prevent overheating, ensuring a stable temperature. This prevents coffee from burning and will ensure a smooth tasting espresso every time.

Colour: Side panels available in brown/white, silver, red, black, white.
Size Options: 2 Group & 3 Group.
Tall Cup (takeaway): 2 Group & 3 Group
Cup Warmer: Yes
Steam Wands: 2
Boiler: Double
Pre-infusion: Yes
Power: 20 - 32 amp dedicated supply (depending on size)
Dimensions(mm): 770 x 530 x 520