The Kahuhia Farmers Cooperative Society has four wet mills, and was first registered under the Coop Act on 25th April 1959. Wanjegi’s sister factories are Kahuhia, Ngwethe and Gathinja. Each factory is placed within an electoral zone/area, represented by the management committee who forms the Kahuhia board of directors.
In addition, the society has a supervisory board of 3 members who checks the activities of the management committee. Both committees report to the cooperative members in annual general meetings. The coop has 16 permanent staff. Wanjengi factory has 1549 active members (1184 male, 362 female. It is located on the highly productive South-Western slopes of Mt Kenya and on the eastern slopes of the Abadares ranges. 
  • Tasting Notes: Rhubarb, Lemon Sherbet, Brown Sugar
  • Altitude: 1700-1850
  • Region:  South West Mount Kenya, Abadares Ranges
  • Process:  Washed
  • Varietal: SL28 & 34 Ruiru11, Batian
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