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About Us

In 2006 having spent a number of years supplying coffee and equipment to businesses in London, our founder, Richard, felt that it was about time Brighton had decent coffee. With this in mind he went about setting up the company with the intention of supplying beautifully roasted coffee to Brighton and the surrounding areas.

Since then we have grown steadily and organically to where we are today. With a friendly team of 7 we continually strive to offer perfectly roasted beans with a high level of customer service to all our customers. Hopefully, that is, or will be, you.

Whether for you, your customers or staff, roasted is dedicated to delivering a wonderful cup of coffee, at a reasonable price with a high level of service.

We are an accredited Jura partner, selected for our customer-focused approach to business, responsible for the counties of Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

roasted is an ethical company and understands that not everyone has an easy time growing and harvesting coffee, so we like to promote and supply fairtrade orientated products wherever possible.

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Meet roasted


Richard is the boss and a great guy. He oversees everything and always likes to know exactly what’s going on, even down to what we are eating for lunch! Working very long hours, it’s sometimes suggested he’s forgotten where his home is. Such is the dedication and determination that continues to drive roasted to be the ‘go to’, premier coffee and related product supplier in the South. He loves coffee and lots of it!


Our resident coffee wizard is responsible for training and supporting all of roasted’s valued customers as they journey through the wonderful world of coffee. He’s gained huge experience over many years in the coffee industry and has enjoyed considerable success at both the UK Barista and the UK Latte Art Championships, prestigious competitions in the UK coffee scene. A truly professional and passionate coffee ‘guru’, who takes great pride in passing on his knowledge through his first class training.


Nicole is roasted's very own Miss ‘Money Penny’ who keeps us on track, whilst also making sure all of our valued customers receive a first class, professional service. She keeps our databases up to date so we never miss a thing. While even Nicole would admit she’s not a coffee addict like the rest of us, she is slowly increasing her caffeine intake with a half shot Latté in the morning, (no judgement here) although you’re more likely to find her with a Hot Chocolate covered in marshmallows!


Macy is our Customer Service Administrator. Although the newest member of our team, she is often at the end of the phone taking those all important coffee orders. Outside of work she’s a keep fit fanatic and Personal Trainer. A coconut flat white gives her all the energy needed to manage her busy work schedule, dealing with customers both old and new.


Kerry is in our accounts department. When she’s not number crunching/report writing she’s very busy with her twins or enjoying time with family, friends and of course drinking coffee! A long time coffee enthusiast, Kerry first got hooked in Australia at the age of 24… which may or may not be decades ago! She thoroughly enjoys working at roasted, loves a Cappuccino, Latte or Flat White.

The Roasted Vans

Our Vans don’t have names but they probably should. They are the best-known members of the team and can be seen on a daily basis throughout Sussex and Kent delivering coffee-related things to our valued customers.
At present our vans are fuelled by diesel, but as soon as we can work out how to run the pair on coffee, we will.


Rafael is roasted’s Warehouse Manager, single-handedly managing all our stock, from coffee through to machines. He ensures that availability of product is always optimised, so that all our valued customers have what they want at the proverbial drop of a hat. He is a coffee nut, or should that be bean, like all of us and is very partial to a Macchiato.


Duncan, our Workshop Manager, has a wealth of experience and knowledge relating to coffee and coffee machines. He is a mechanical wizard, checking and preparing all of our coffee machines ready for installation. Our parts and service department is all the better for Duncan's professional management and control, which in turn helps us to respond quickly to our customers needs when a machine isn't working quite as it should.

Helping our community

At roasted, we like to help those less fortunate than us. That is why we supply Off The Fence with Fairtrade coffee for their wonderful Antifreeze project.

The Antifreeze team serves the needs of those who are sleeping rough or who are inadequately housed in the Brighton and Hove area. Five nights a week during the winter months, and three nights a week during the rest of the year, the team goes out onto the streets to help these people.

They do this in a number of ways, by:

  • Handing out street sheets and information on health care/accommodation
  • Offering a warm drink, sandwiches, clothes, toiletries and, where one is required, an emergency sleeping bag to ease the burden of sleeping rough
  • Giving their time to simply sit and listen.

If you would like to find out more about their great work, please visit