Real Coffee

Filter Coffee

All of our filter coffee has been freshly roasted, ground and packed to keep in its full flavour. As with our beans, we manage our stock with great care so they arrive to our customers as fresh as can be. Each sachet has a batch number marked on it so that you can tell exactly when and on which roaster the beans have been roasted. We have a selection of both single origin and blends of filter to cater to every taste.

Colombian – Single origin, a wonderful filter, full of flavour and suitable to be drank throughout the day. Highly roasted, with nutty flavours.

Westminster – A classic balanced coffee. Easy drinking for an all-day coffee.

Blue Mountain – A balanced blend of central and South American coffees. Caramel notes with a nutty flavour and sweetness.

Sumatran – An exotic coffee experience with full body, spice flavours and a smoky aroma. Finely roasted and perfect for after dinner.

Kenyan - A sweet, citrus-like acidity and flavour. Sweet, clean and medium bodied.