Real Coffee

coffee beans

All of our coffee beans are freshly roasted so you can be sure that that they haven’t sat in a warehouse for a long time. We manage our beans with vigorous diligence so they arrive to our customers as fresh as possible. Each bag of beans has a date stamp and batch number marked on them so that you can tell exactly where and when they were roasted.

Espresso – We have blended our espresso from Brazil, Honduras, Mocha and high-quality Robusta as a dark roast, giving a strong, completely roasted flavour with a smooth creamy texture and rich chocolate flavours.

L Style – We have blended our L Style from Brazil, Rwanda and high-quality Robusta as a medium roast to give a balanced, rounded flavour with notes of malt and subtle liquorice.

La Crema – We have blended our La Crema from Brazil, Honduras, washed Robusta and Kenya AA as a dark roast to give a strong, full flavour; subtly roasted, the coffee has a delicate sweet toffee flavour with clean acidity and a soft finish.